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Museum of local history « De Plate »

At this moment , the museum is situated in the ‘Feest- en Kultuurpaleis’ on the main market place, but soon it will be moved to the Langestraat.
Here you can find a collection of objects from de Neolithic and the Roman times. Next to many photographs , posters and pictures from the 19th century there is a maritime section, a Belle-Epoque section and a section from the First and Second World Wars.

Museum of Fine Arts

Feest- en Kultuurpaleis, Wapenplein

Among the different works of art from Ostend such as Ensor, Permeke, Spilliaert, Finch, De Clerck, etc.. there’s a large variety of works from Belgian masters from 1830 until 1914.

James Ensor House

Home and studio of James Ensor (1860 - 1949) situated in the Vlaanderenstraat 27. On the ground floor you will find a collection of shells and souvenirs from his aunt and his uncle. On the first floor there is a documentation room and an exhibition room. On the second floor you can visit the painter’s original sitting room and studio.

P.M.M.K. – Museum of modern art.

This museum presents a collection of paintings , sculptures and objects , which give you an almost complete picture of modern art in Belgium since the beginning, until the present day.
The museum is situated in an old warehouse, S.E.O.; designed by the architect Gaston Eysselinck in the Romestraat.

Prince Charles Memorial - Domain Raversijde The Atlantic Wall museum

foto walraversijde foto atlantik wall foto memoriaal prins karel

Situated at the “Duinenweg” at “Raversijde” there is the Prince Charles Memorial.
Next to the museum, in honor of Prince Charles (1903 - 1983), Count of Flanders and Regent of Belgium ( 1944 - 1950), you can visit the excavation of a fishermen’ s village from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. Outdoors you have bunkers, underground trenches, remains of German coastal batteries , observation posts and artillery . This domain must be visited accompanied by a guide.

Museum Sint-Pieterstoren

A private museum, situated in the tower of the Saint- Pieters Church. The main body of the church burned down in 1896.

You can find the museum on the Léandre Vilainplein. History of the old Saint-Pieters Church with a collection of models, photographs and other documents. A stair case with 74 steps brings you to the top where you can have a panoramic view all over the town.

Museum of Religious Arts

Sint Sebastiaanstraat.

North Sea Aquarium

Flora and fauna from the North Sea. Next to a collection of shells and seaweed you can admire the aquariums with fish, crustaceans and shellfish from the North Sea. The
aquarium is situated on the Fishermen’s Quay

Schooner Mercator

A former Belgian training ship of the Belgian Merchant Navy , which transported the remains of Father Damiaan. A Schooner which kept her authentic interior and which has been restored as a nautical museum.

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