In Ostend the promenade, named after King Albert I, is the sunniest part. It would be a sin to leave Ostend without taking a walk on the traffic-free promenade. Our late King Leopold II and his family gave us the example to follow. Next to the many tearooms with terraces there is also a sandy beach. During the Summer there’s a marked out area to sunbathe in, where children can play and where various sports are organized. This is known as the “ Lido”.

At the Kemmelbergstraat there is a little tower , with a clock on top. Many people make an appointment at this place, because you do not need a watch and it is a well known landmark. A little bit further along you pass by the “Drie Gapers” (the three yawners), an arcade with three arches . Further on you can take a walk in the “Oostendse Gaanderijen” and pass by the Royal Villa, built by our late King Leopold I.


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Mercator marine

You cannot miss it arriving at Ostend. The Mercator Yacht Harbour not only houses the three masted sailing ship ‘Mercator’, it also contains many yachts. It is nice to take a walk among the pride of many seaman. More than 300 berths are available.

Fish market

Just outside of town you will find the fish market. Here the fishing fleet of Ostend hold their fish auctions. Certainly worth a visit.


5 hectares. Centrally situated in the middle of town. The park was constructed in 1870. The famous flower clock is situated at the edge of the park. In the middle of the park there is a kiosk from the 19th century.


45 hectares of traffic free park, at the edge of Ostend. Next to footpaths, jogging circuits, fishponds, rowing boats , watercycles and a playground, you can also enjoy yourself playing miniature golf. The park is called ‘t’bosje’ (The wood) in Ostend.

Wellington racecourse

Named after the Duke of Wellington. Trotting races and gallop races take place daily during the Summer. Many gamblers spend a good deal of money at the races. Each year we have ‘The Night of the Horse’. The racecourse is used for other activities as well. In 1997 the Belgian concert of Michael Jackson took place on this racecourse.


‘Stene‘at the edge of Ostend, is a picturesque village. There are many restaurants here. Stene is known for its annual horse-blessing, its windmill, the Christmas-market and many other activities.

 The Pier - (oosterstaketsel)

Not to miss, a walk along the Pier of Ostend, where you can take, as it were, a walk above the sea. After a refreshing walk, there is the possibility to enjoy a drink on the terrace at the end of the pier.

Napoleon Fortress

The building of this fortress started in 1810. The fortress was constructed under orders of Napoleon. It was completed in 1814. The fortress had to protect 250 soldiers. At this moment , the restoration of this fortress is taking place.

The Little Beach

A small beach, situated between the “Zeeliedenplein” and the harbour mouth.

On the square you will find a monument dedicated to the seamen. (1953 Willy Kreits). Each year many Ostend fishermen and naval war veterans pay homage to all the "seamen lost at sea".

Fishermen's quay - 'De Trap '

When you come to Ostend you must visit the Fishermen’s Quay. In the morning you can attend the homecoming of the shrimping boats. This is the best place to go to if you want to learn the dialect of Ostend .. The most delicious shrimps and many other kinds of fish are offered for sale in typical fish stands. Along the quay many stands sell lots of seafood.


St. Petrus & Paulus plein
Sint Petrus- & Paulusplein
Sint Petrus- & Pauluschurch and the "Peperbusse".
St. Petrus & Pauls kerk
Europa-building 'Europacentrum '

This building (100m high) is the highest along the European coast. On the 34th floor there is a café , which offers you next to a drink or a snack a panoramic view.

An ultra-quick lift brings you to the 34th floor in just a few seconds. When the weather is clear, you can see Bruges, the Flemish inland and lots more from the terrace.

At the moment though this cafeteria is not open to the public.

OOSTENDE (Copyright avm postcards www.avm.be)  OOSTENDE (Copyright avm postcards www.avm.be)
© AVM - Oostende
© AVM - Oostende 


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