Welcome to this oostende.net service. With this service you can send a virtual postcard to your friends, relatives, business partners, family, etc...
They get a email-message that there's a postcard waiting for them at the oostende.net post-office and
they can pick it up just by clicking on a link or go to the postoffice and fill in their postcard-code.
The sender of the postcard will be notified by email when his postcard was picked up
In the future it will be possible to create a postcard for the occasion that best suits your needs. (Even with a custome picture).
Were also planning to ad a calender-function so that you never have to forget to send a card for a birthday, mom's or dad's day, etc ...

If you want to send a postcard to someone or you just want to see how this service works (send a postcard to yourself ???) click on the link below and you will arrive at the oostende.net postoffice.


If you have any comments or suggestions for this service, feel free to email the webmaster.

Here to pickup a postcard?

Enter your code (see the message you received) :


last modified 29-01-2001